Patrick Campbell - Two men return

Patrick Campbell / Short Talks 2016 (c) Daniel Pook"A habit of accidentally making films" is how producer Patrick Campbell describes director Mahdi Fleifel's working process. A habit that won them multiple awards, including the Berlinale Shorts Silver Bear 2016.  


Anthony Montes - Pushing Daisies

Anthony Montes - Photo: Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2015
One might find it inspiring and daunting to watch someone throw his or her entire life behind the pursuit of a dream. We have chosen this lifestyle out of a necessity. An obsession that requires lots of sacrifices, but does not let us compromise. We do it, because we love it and we cannot live without it.



Joanna Arnow - The danger of having a date

Eleanore Pienta, Joanna Arnow, Keith Poulson / Photo: Daniel Pook / Short-Talks.com
Joanna Arnow, Keith Poulson and Eleanore Pienta have proven on-screen chemistry in their Silver Bear winning short film "Bad at Dancing". So inviting them to sit on a coach in the middle of a mall in Berlin was sort of a no-brainer.



Jennifer Reeder - Slow and steady wins the race

Jennifer Reeder / Berlinale 2015 / Foto: Daniel Pook - Short-Talks.com
Ever since she picked up her first camera, Jennifer Reeder has directed more than 44 films... and counting. On top of that she still finds the time to be an art teacher who's perspective on what art actually is has shifted over the years, as we learned in our Short Talks interview at Berlinale 2015.  


David Muñoz - We're all searching for a narrative

David Muñoz / Berlinale 2015 / Foto: Daniel Pook
Most of the time we see footage of refugee camps it's tied to news media's narrative. For his short film El Juego del Escondite director David Muñoz has choosen a different take on showing us life in a place like this.