A dancer's dream - Lily Baldwin about Sleepover L.A.

Lily Baldwin in Berlin (Copyright: Daniel Pook / Short Talks)
A professional dancer explores the idea of film as dream. The origin story behind Sleepover L.A.'s production sure sounds like an intriguing short film in it's own right so we're glad to share it with you as part of our ongoing Short Talks interview series.


Mark Degli Antoni about speaking in sound

Mark Degli Antoni
Lily Baldwin's captivating short film "Sleepover L.A." and its amazing score got us in touch with composer Mark Degli Antoni in the first place. We've met the NYC and Los Angeles based artist in Berlin where we asked him about the making of "Sleepover L.A." and his collaboration with Werner Herzog on "Into the Abyss".




Mahdi Fleifel about returning to Berlin

2014 saw the return of Mahdi Fleifel at the Berlin Film Festival. After receiving the Peace Film Award for "A World Not Ours" in the Panorama section, this year he followed up with an epilog in the Shorts competition.


Nadine Poulain about the fine line of art

Nadine Poulain / Short Talks 2014
She watched the sky and made a horror film based on her impressions. Nadine Poulain's short in this year's competition is called Sky Lines. It includes airplanes full of passengers which we never get to see. A mistress of abstract work talks about the fine line of art.