Jennifer Reeder - Short films are people, too

Director Jennifer Reeder at Berlinale 2024 / Photo © Daniel Pook,
Nine years after our first interview, we're excited to welcome Jennifer Reeder back to Short Talks, and also to Berlin where she's been serving on the jury for Berlinale Shorts 2024. As a filmmaker, Reeder has made her mark at prestigious festivals like BerlinaleSundance, and the Chicago Underground Festival, racking up awards for both her shorts and feature films.

Reeder's work, dating back to the 1990s, has been praised for its innovative storytelling, often blending performance art, music, and pop culture with themes of feminism, identity, and surrealism. Recently, she's gained acclaim as a feature film director, especially for "Signature Move" (2017) and "Knives and Skin" (2019).

In addition to her filmmaking, Reeder shares her knowledge as a professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, guiding the next generation of filmmakers and artists.

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