Bruno Ribeiro - Sound in the order of narrative perspective

Silver Bear winner Bruno Ribeiro at BER Airport after Berlinale 2022 (© Daniel Pook / /
Bruno Ribeiro was presented with the Silver Bear at the 2022 Berlinale for his short Manhã de Domingo. His artistic inspiration considerably draws from admiration for Japanese director Yasujirô Ozu. This is just one thing we learned from talking to Bruno at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport in our last minute interview.

Antonio Marziale & Eli Raskin - How an audio tape made Starfuckers happen

Antonio Marziale & Eli Raskin at Berlinale 2022 (© Daniel Pook / /
Starfuckers by writer/director/actor Antonio Marziale starts out as a suspenseful erotic thriller playing with typical Hollywood power dynamics - until it all of a sudden unravels itself into a surreal musical performance revealing the true intent of its protagonist.

Damián Sainz - Cuban youth in the LGBTQ culture

Cuban director Damián Sainz at Filmfest Dresden 2019 (© Daniel Pook / /
Director Damián Sainz delves into the themes of LGBTQ culture and Cuban youth, garnering recognition at international film festivals. We met him at Filmfest Dresden 2019 where he told us how watching his own films with an audience gives them a whole different meaning.

Pedro Cabeleira - Be judgemental in your narrative, not with your camera

Director Pedro Cabeleira at Berlinale 2022 (© Daniel Pook / /

In this Short Talks portrait Pedro Cabeleira, who also directed the feature "Verão Danado", describes his creative process behind the Berlinale 2022 short film By Flávio and how his choices there reflect his general approach as a director on all of his projects.

Inés Moldavsky - Her weary journey to the Golden Bear

Short Talks interview with filmmaker Inés Moldavsky at Berlinale 2018 in Berlin. (© Daniel Pook / /
A throwback posting to 2018 when we met filmmaker Inés Moldavsky at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, just shortly after she won the Golden Bear for her short "The Men Behind the Wall". A blend between investigative documentary and self-experimentation about dating real men from Palestine as an Israeli women.

Khavn De La Cruz - It just smells funny

Khavn de la Cruz at Berlinale 2020 / © Daniel Pook & Short Talks (2020)Once again art and artist were ahead of their time. In our February 2020 Berlinale interview director Khavn De La Cruz was already wearing a face mask - with a literal face on it. But this was shortly before Covid-19 became our center of attention, so we had plenty of time to talk about the state of cinema, a collaboration with Alexander Kluge and the acid bear within. 

Adam Meeks - Blurring lines between fiction & reality

Union County director Adam Meeks at Berlinale 2020 (© Daniel Pook /
Union County by director Adam Meeks is a truthful and gentle depiction of a young man in rural Ohio, trying to make a living and getting back together with his ex-girlfriend while simultaneously participating in a court-ordered drug rehab program to stay out of jail.