Jennifer Reeder - Slow and steady wins the race

Jennifer Reeder / Berlinale 2015 / Foto: Daniel Pook -
Ever since she picked up her first camera, Jennifer Reeder has directed more than 44 films... and counting. On top of that, she still finds the time to be an art teacher who's perspective on what art actually is has shifted over the years, as we learned in our Short Talks interview at Berlinale 2015. Jennifer Reeder depicts her work as feminist - challenging and disrupting common stereotypes. Her Berlinale short film Blood Below the Skin fits that description in every way, but never feels overly pretentious. For a wonderful excerpt scene of the movie, that is also partly featured in this interview, feel free to visit the director's page on Vimeo.

Short Talks with Jennifer Reeder:

Her Berlinale short film Blood Below the Skin:

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