Donatienne Berthereau - If we want to be sincere, we have to be in the present moment

Director Donatienne Berthereau interviewed by Short Talks at Berlinale 2023 (© Daniel Pook /
Director Donatienne Berthereau did not want to leave the collective memory of the end of the close 2022 presidential election in France solely to the usual media coverage. Her film Nuits blanches shows a fictional story about a young woman feeling lost, drifting through that night that seemed to take the whole country's breath away.

Nuits blanches (Sleepless Nights) was shot in the middle of when the real events were actually unraveling around the film's cast and crew. In this Short Talks interview at Berlinale 2023 we dive into how Donatienne's experience felt crafting a film under these special circumstances, why she thinks so many filmmakers fail at forcefully trying to be political and why real cinema still holds the upper hand over any digital alternative for movie consumption.

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