Pedro Cabeleira - Be judgemental in your narrative, not with your camera

Director Pedro Cabeleira at Berlinale 2022 (© Daniel Pook / /

In this Short Talks portrait Pedro Cabeleira, who also directed the feature Verão Danado, describes his creative process behind the Berlinale 2022 short film By Flávio and how his choices there reflect his general approach as a director on all of his projects.

What stands out about Pedro's filmography so far? He shot his first feature film improvised, mostly with his friends and little money, in a way usually found in short films. After "Verão Danado" brought him a lot of attention, he returned to actual short films, but now directed "By Flávio" with a relatively high budget as well as a look and feel more common of a carefully produced indie cinema feature film. 

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