Damián Sainz - Cuban youth in the LGBTQ culture

Cuban director Damián Sainz at Filmfest Dresden 2019 (© Daniel Pook / Short-Talks.com / Short-Talks.de)
Director Damián Sainz delves into the themes of LGBTQ culture and Cuban youth, garnering recognition at international film festivals. We met him at Filmfest Dresden 2019 where he told us how watching his own films with an audience gives them a whole different meaning.

Among being a producer and director Damián also wears multiple hats as a professor and advisor for documentary film at EICTV, guest lecturer i.e. at Ludwig Foundation Cuba as well as organizer and curator of Cineclub CUIR. In Dresden he presented his short film Batería, about an abandoned military base in the jungle of Havana that became a secret retreat for gay man.

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