A City Within a City - Cylixe within a party

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2013
When meeting Cylixe my first question was about her alias. The German director who now lives in New York City just puzzled around with her favorite letters and then figured out a combination which at that time didn't show any results on Google.

Tabatô - João Viana talks war in peace

"You think my film was selected for political reasons?" - João Viana has proved to be a mindful interview partner who doesn't back away from asking questions in reverse. Besides interesting philosophy about art itself, he also talks a special characteristic of his body, that gives him a unique view on films' visuals.

Undress Me - In Bed with Victor & Jana

The first interview of 2013. The first interview in a hotel room. The first Interview in bed. My conversation with director Victor Lindgren and actress Jana Bringlöv Ekspong (Undress Me) was a premiere in many ways.

Short Times at the Berlinale

I prefer my Berlinale "short". I've watched every short film since 2008, cheered their award winners and interviewed a lot of exciting directors. It's 2013 now, I'm sitting in the first screenings of the new program and I say to myself:

"Amazing, there's still so much to discover at the Shorts."