Undress Me - In Bed with Victor & Jana

The first interview of 2013. The first interview in a hotel room. The first Interview in bed. My conversation with director Victor Lindgren and actress Jana Bringlöv Ekspong (Undress Me) was a premiere in many ways.

The two of them unveiled a lot to me - about themselves as well as their work. But the intention of my video is not to share everything with my audience. Victor's and Jana's interpretation of Undress Me is something that I keep as a secret because you should discover the film for yourself.

Short Talks PURE with Victor Lindgren & Jana Bringlöv Ekspong:

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Bautafilm AB is Victor Lindgren's production company that made Undress Me become reality. You can find more information on its official website. Trailers of their projects are to be found on Vimeo.