Khavn De La Cruz - It just smells funny

Khavn de la Cruz at Berlinale 2020 / © Daniel Pook & Short Talks (2020)Once again art and artist were ahead of their time. In our February 2020 Berlinale interview director Khavn De La Cruz was already wearing a face mask - with a literal face on it. But this was shortly before Covid-19 became our center of attention, so we had plenty of time to talk about the state of cinema, a collaboration with Alexander Kluge and the acid bear within. 

"Cinema is not dead - it just smells funny." - Filipino director Khavn De La Cruz turns a Frank Zappa quote into his own when explaining to us how he experiences today's disbalance in the world of film distribution. To cut open, rearrange and build upon what's already there, while always keeping things fluid, in a way also represents the spirit of Khavn's collaboration with Alexander Kluge.

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