Réka Bucsi - Learn what you're good at

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2016
We met animation artist Réka Bucsi in 2016 when she was in Berlin with her short film Love. Our first defining moment with her art however happened years before, when a totally unexpected suicide in her previous movie Symphony no. 42 made Short Talks host Raphael Keric burst out in laughter while the rest of the audience stayed silent.

With its overarching planets and the ever-present correlation between live and death, Love reminded us of the short films by Momoko Seto, though very different in narrative and style. You can find our 2015 interview with Momoko here on this blog.

In our talk with Réka Bucsi we touch on the Hungarian filmmaker's developing process when making her movies, the best way to balance passion projects and work for hire as well as the importance of understanding what you're really good at. 

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