Anthony Montes - Pushing Daisies

Anthony Montes - Photo: Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2015
One might find it inspiring and daunting to watch someone throw his or her entire life behind the pursuit of a dream. We have chosen this lifestyle out of a necessity. An obsession that requires lots of sacrifices, but does not let us compromise. We do it, because we love it and we cannot live without it.

Anthony Montes, actor, writer and teacher has devoted his life to the art of acting and ultimately found that all rules of the craft and in the end of being an artist do not differ much from the art of living. In our interview he shares invaluable insights about creating your own opportunities, how the struggle forces you to be inventive and how he desires to continue to inspire people to take control of their destinies.

If you are not about to maybe fall then you are not really working, not really creating. You are not really living. We do not grow on a secure path. All of us should conquer something in life and it needs a lot of work and risk.
After all, it's this or nothing. 
Written by Raphael Keric