Joanna Arnow - The danger of having a date

Eleanore Pienta, Joanna Arnow, Keith Poulson / Photo: Daniel Pook /
Joanna Arnow, Keith Poulson and Eleanore Pienta have proven on-screen chemistry in their Silver Bear winning short film "Bad at Dancing". So inviting them to sit on a coach in the middle of a mall in Berlin was sort of a no-brainer.

You won't get much about "Bad at Dancing" out of this interview, so feel free to check out its website. For lots of fun including weird Woody Allen memories, a quick review of Michael Mann's action movie classic Heat and advice on dating actors - this is the one and only video to watch. Call it the Mallrats of interviews.

Short Talks - Joanna Arnow, Eleanore Pienta, Keith Poulson: