Short Talks 2011 - Music to your ears

You may already have noticed it on YouTube, now it's official: Short Talks 2011 finally got its public release! And again we hit the bullseye when it comes to interviewing the filmmaker (Park Chan-kyong) who later would win the Golden Bear

While Short Talks 2011 resembles the style of 2008's edition (the first entry in this ongoing series) it also holds a big change for longtime viewers of our documentaries. It's the first Short Talks with an original soundtrack - composed and recorded by musician Volker Kehl.

Short Talks 2011 - Official description:
Berlinale 2011 - Short Talks lets you meet the directors of the festival's short film section in a very authentic and personal atmosphere at different locations around the event's central at Potsdamer Platz. This is your ultimate ticket beyond the short films themselves and an interesting insight into the minds of all different kinds of directors from all around the world.
  • Shot by Lucien L. NoĆ©
  • Edited by Daniel Pook
  • Music by Volker Kehl