Berlinale Short Talks proudly announce…

...we just updated our blog site making it possible for more people to follow up on the Berlinale Shorts! We started a German blog some while ago and try to catch up on its essential postings with this summary of all crucial events around our documentary project. Please enjoy and spread the word!

Short Talks was first introduced in 2008 as way to bring media attention to the Short Films and their filmmakers in one of the worlds most recognized film festivals - the Berlinale. 2010 will be remembered not only in that Short Talks started its third successful year, but that Berlinale had achieve a major milestone. Berlin celebrated its 60th anniversary of the Berlinale. It was not only embraced by the whole city but it reminded to all international filmmakers that as the world changes around us for 60 years, filmmakers come together in amnesty as artiest, visionary and friends to share our stories from around the world.

The Short Talks team: Lucien L. Noé, James Aman Berdimurat and Daniel Pook, saw themselves not only welcomed by many filmmakers sharing their story with us, they were seen as ambassadors of Short Films. Short Films require no less work and dedication than a feature film. Short Films don’t get the same media attention and Short Talks fills in the gap that the main stream media misses.

As one of the most premier film festivals in the world, the Berlinale reviews hundreds of films each year submitted from the amateur to the Hollywood elite filmmaker. The organizers have the tough task to select a small number of international participants. Of the many filmmakers that submit their films year after year and never make it into the Berlinale, a few filmmakers have had the opportunity to return year after year. Canadian filmmakers Kazik Radwanski (director) and Daniel Montgomery (producer) of 2009 Princess Margaret Blvd. and 2010 Out in that Deep Blue Sea are one of the few Short Film filmmakers to successfully compete for the Golden Bear in consecutive years. The Romanian Paul Negoescu (Director of Renovation) has been back for a third time still working to get his Golden Bear. In addition, Filmmakers Shelly Silver and Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy are Veterans with fans that have been following their works for many years. Young filmmakers such as Jenna Bass and Jan Soldat have made their mark with the opportunity to show very courageous, almost taboo creations to a large audience of film enthusiasts.

Short Talks interviewed Jan Soldat for his Documentary "Geliebt" (Beloved). The eye-opening film displays when humans find love and companionship with “man’s best friend”. The composition of the Shorts program in 2010, a film program unmatched by any other film festival has surely been one of the most diverse from comedy to controversial.