Nicolás Suárez - Reframing the gaucho culture

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2017
"Reframing the image" - The Berlinale Shorts 2017 leitmotif is also a fundamental principle of director Nicolás Suárez' filmmaking process. His movie Centauro takes an unusual angle on the gaucho culture far off from common clichés and glorification.

Victor Toi & Ebby Angel Louis - A tale of two teachers

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2017
Vincent Toi came to Haiti as a teacher without the intention of shooting a short film there. This changed when he learned about the origin of the republic and saw similarities to his own Mauritian roots.

Gabriel Abrantes - Reality is just another fiction

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2017
Gabriel Abrantes made twenty short films in ten years and we've seen his work screened at the Berlinale Shorts a couple of times without ever talking to him. This finally changed when he returned to Berlin with a comedic drama about a flying robot.

Réka Bucsi - Learn what you're good at

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2016
We met animation artist Réka Bucsi in 2016 when she was in Berlin with her short film Love. Our first defining moment with her art however happened years before, when a totally unexpected suicide in her previous movie Symphony no. 42 made Short Talks host Raphael Keric burst out in laughter while the rest of the audience stayed silent.

Akosua Adoma Owusu - Focus on the work

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2016
Akosua Adoma Owusu is a regular at the Berlin Film Festival and in 2016 she also returned to Short Talks with this interview about film as a metaphor for exploration.

Ronny Trocker - Frozen people at the beach

© Daniel Pook / Short Talks 2016
As beautifully refined as the short film Estate looks, its blend of real life images and computer generated people has its origin in director Ronny Trocker just playing around with a software he's never even touched before.

Maximilien Van Aertryck & Axel Danielson - It's images that affect us the most

 © Short Talks / Daniel Pook 2016 Ten Meter Tower by Maximilien Van Aertryck & Axel Danielson creates a reference point for how people look and behave, when they are hesitant. The two directors let us in on their shared thoughts about the importance and responsibility of film in today's society.