Adventurous Interview

Since our last blog entry we have seen many films and scheduled several meetings but yesterday we shot this year's first interview. Needless to say, hardly anything went the way we meticulously planned beforehand.

Director Rosana Cuellar (A Woman Called Yssabeau) was charming, talkative as well as beautiful - and very late. Through no fault of her own, she had to postpone our meeting from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Forced to improvise, we had to pack our already set up gear and quickly find a new location. Leaving the cozy coffeshop at Potsdamer Platz, we walked over to the Filmhaus to find a quiet corner with two cushy seats and a nice view on the second floor. Just sit down and start rolling? If only it were all so simple. After being called over by the friendly security guard, we explained our peaceful intention and were asked to speak to the building manager on the house telephone. Being suspicious at first, she finally gave in and we received an official permit to film at the Deutsche Kinemathek. While still filling out the needed documents, Rosana had already arrived at our new venue.

Just the regular craziness of shooting a Short-Talk interview in the middle of the ongoing Berlinale. And looking at the 14 minute long footage with director Rosana Cuellar, we know our little adventure was worth the hassle.

(Translation: Raphael Keric / Photo: Daniel Pook)