The entire program, pretty please!

"Which film is recommended?"; "Which block should I watch?" - There is only one answer to all those frequently asked questions: Who doesn't watch the entire selection has missed the most interesting part!


Rafa wins Golden Bear for Best Short Film 2012

Sandra Hüller, Emily Jacir and David O'Reilly have made their decision. The international short film jury has choosen Rafa to be the best film in the Berlinale Shorts 2012 competition. Director João Salaviza's work will be part of Short Talks 2012. We interviewed actress Joana Verona for our documentary and she talked with us about the making of Rafa as well as her thoughts on the movie. 


Short Talks shoots inside the Berlinale Palast

We interviewed the team behind "The man that got away" at a very special location. While the crowds were gathering around the red carpet to catch a glimpse of the arriving celebrities, we entered the Berlinale Palast through an employee entrance. After passing some security checks we were ready to set up our gear inside one of the Berlinale's official interview rooms.


Adventurous Interview

Since our last blog entry we have seen many films and scheduled several meetings but yesterday we shot this year's first interview. Needless to say, hardly anything went the way we meticulously planned beforehand.

Snapshots 2012

Red bears, moviegoers and... Meryl Streep. Our new Berlinale 2012 photo gallery shows these snapshots and even more. Steal a glance at the Short's office - a room decorated with posters and big schedules on the walls.


Say goodbye...

...to storytelling. Never in the last five years has a program-motto been so present throughout the shorts like in 2012.


The boys are back!

Berlinale 2012 today premiered the first part of this year's short film program. Short Talks of course dropped in right away and got a taste of how diverse and open minded the selection turned out again.