Our favorite wins the Golden Bear!

Night Fishing by the Park brothers has won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film at this year's Berlinale. It would also have been our own pick for this category so we're quite happy with the decision. Of course you will be able to see director Chan-kyong Park in Short Talks 2011 as soon as we're done with editing our project. Stay tuned!

Short Talks Rising

Yesterday most of the filmmakers finally arrived in Berlin so we started sending out our calls for this year's edition of Short Talks! You can read the full letter in this blogpost and take a look at our brand new business card. We took the photo for the front in the Berlinale Shorts' office where the team every year sets up a poster wall of the recent program.

Berlinale Short Talks proudly announce…

...we just updated our blog site making it possible for more people to follow up on the Berlinale Shorts! We started a German blog some while ago and try to catch up on its essential postings with this summary of all crucial events around our documentary project. Please enjoy and spread the word!